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Free Trial FAQs

What happens after 30 days of the free trial is over?

During the 30 days of the trial period, you and your team would have used Vaultastic to get a feel of its usefulness in your business environment.

Before this 30-day period ends, you will receive alerts from the system prompting you that the free trial is about to get over.

If you would like to continue using the solution, please confirm your intent by simply writing us an email at sales@mithi.com. Our team will upgrade your free trial to a paid subscription and you will get billed monthly in arrears as per your usage.

However, If you feel that Vaultastic did not serve your purpose, you don't need to do anything. Vaultastic suspends your email archiving domain after the trial ends. It will stop accepting mail for archiving from your primary mail system. After another 7 days, all your archived data will be automatically deleted from our platform. Since we are always learning, we would appreciate if you can write about your experience and specifically about what didn't work for you and send us a mail at sales@mithi.com

To get started with Vaultastic, will I need to make changes to my primary email setup? If so what kind of changes?

Once your account is set up on Vaultastic and your Domains and Vaults provisioned, you would need to enable journaling on your primary email setup to send a copy of every mail sent and received to Vaultastic. Typically this would be done for selected users, or all users depending on your requirement. The steps involved to do this would vary depending on the primary email platform.

Read more about enabling email archival for your account.

What is the free trial offer? How do I avail this offer? How is this trial offer, risk free?

What is the 30-day Free trial offer

Vaultastic offers you a risk-free trial for 30 days. You can use the fully featured Vaultastic in a live environment to get a feel of how it can solve your business problems

How to avail of the free trial offer?

It’s quite simple! You can simply up for a free trial using the free trial form.

How is this trial offer, risk-free?

Start the Vaultastic trial without any credit card or advance payment. It is obligation-free.

If you are not happy with the solution, simply stop using it.

After the trial period, Vaultastic deletes your data automatically.

During the 30 day trial period, how can I get any help regarding the use of the product?

Here are some ways you can get help for using Vaultastic:

  1. Access the Vaultastic help documentation

  2. Access the chatbot from within the Vaultastic UI.

  3. Access the Vaultastic FAQs

  4. If none of the above work, you contact our 24/7 service desk by opening a ticket via your Mithi Account