How we enable Businesses to leverage an integrated cloud communication and data management solution to reduce TCO up to 30%, comply with regulations and improve productivity for users.
Security - Reliability and Adaptability of Mithi’s Solutions help reduce the losses due to downtime and security breaches such as -
  • Loss of Reputation and Trust due to Data Compromise

  • Low Productivity due to poor Data Availability

  • Loss of Competitive Advantage due to Data Theft & Tampering

  • Financial Loss Due to Fraud

  • Poor Quality of Customer Service

  • Litigation due to Breach of Data Privacy

  • Business Loss due to Lost Data

  • Downtime leading to break in Business Continuity

  • Inability to meet Compliance Demands





Hybrids make a compelling case for Cost Optimization

Over a year and a half a company has preserved email data of 900 exemployees on Vaultastic totaling about 26TB and saved over 70% (350K USD) annually on Software Subscription fees and by leveraging Mithi’s Pay per use model.

How Mithi’s Cloud suite Delivers a 30% lower TCO over in-Premise Solution

How Mithi’s Cloud suite addresses the needs of Solving for predictability/optimization in costing with future growth
  • Predictability of costs of the cloud solution

  • Flexible and optimal pricing to accommodate future growth in a cost-effective way.


(Predictable, Simple, Transparent pricing using a combination of Bundle pricing, Annual pre-purchase, composite plans and pay per use to deliver more than 50% optimization)


  • Product bundles to leverage suite pricing (between 25 to 45% saving on individual product pricing)

  • Flexible contract model to benefit from rate reduction for annual pre-purchase + pro-rata pay per use billing for any excess consumption (between 8-10% saving for pre-purchase)

  • Using Vaultastic Legacy store (cold) to store a bulk of the out-of-use data

Automation across the Complete Application Lifecycle Management Results in Significant saving on overheads and IT management cost.

Delivering Cost Optimization across Multiple Dimensions

Flexible Customer friendly pricing models