Vaultastic for Financial Services

Vaultastic’s cloud email archiving platform can help your organisation reduce data risks and always stay compliance ready.

Why is protecting email data a priority

Manage Sensitive data

Financial services companies, including NBFCs (Non-Banking financial company) manage money of their customers and work with very sensitive customer data including personally identifiable information (PII) and financial data.

With rapid digitization of the banking and financial industries, a huge amount of transactional data is being generated in the digital format.

60% business critical information is in email

Most of the financial services companies rely on email to carry out such transactions and as the primary method of communication and document transport to and from regulatory authorities, customers and other financial services partners.

Reduce penalties and risks

Protecting their email data, complying with industry regulations and reducing penalties and litigation risks associated with data violations is a top priority for financial service companies.


1. Cyber-attacks: The sensitive nature of this data makes them vulnerable to data theft, cyber-attacks and security violations from within the organisation and from outside.

2. Using traditional methods: Storing these emails on-premise, on backup tapes and devices can lead to loss of critical information and an inability to retrieve these quickly on demand.

3. Providing data security and safety:

Due to all this, banks and financial services companies are highly regulated and must ensure the preservation of data over extended periods of time with strong data protection systems to stay compliant always. Penalties for non-compliance can be severe and costly.

As part of their compliance audits, banks and financial services companies are required to prove that their data is being preserved in safe systems with built in redundancies, for extended periods of time and can be accessed on demand.

The Solution

Email archiving is a critical piece in the overall solution by helping the company preserve data in tamper proof vaults for extended periods of time and ensuring that all this data is online, search ready and discoverable on demand.

Security at multiple layers helps thwart ongoing cyber-attacks and tamper evident controls, help your organisation prove immutability of the data.

Comply with Data Residency regulations

A choice of region for storing your data, ensuring that you can comply with the data residency regulations of your industry.

Multi-layered Security

A tight multi-layered security protects against cyber-attacks and ensures that your sensitive data stored on our platform is encrypted, immutable and tamper resistant.

Guaranteed service

Designed to ensure customer data privacy in the multitenant SaaS setup. For highly sensitive customers, Vaultastic can also be offered as a dedicated private setup on the cloud.

Long term online retention

An elastic archive, which keeps all email of any period safe, online and search ready in durable, replicated tamper evident vaults, to help respond to compliance requests quickly.

Advanced Ediscovery

A RBAC based self service to perform deep ediscovery searches with Boolean combinational queries of keywords, mail attributes and extract results in popular formats for an accurate response to compliance requests.

Guaranteed service for peace of mind

A fully managed SaaS, which implies Zero hardware, management and maintenance at your end and an SLA guaranteeing uptime, data durability and functionality, deliver rock solid reliability.

The Vaultastic Edge

Vaultastic, helps address the specific challenges of financial services organisations, with the following capabilities, to provide a safe, reliable and responsive data management capability

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