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For many healthcare companies, a lot of personal and medical information is shared via email.

Why is protecting email data a priority

Heavily regulated industry

Most healthcare companies rely on email as the primary method of communication with patients and to exchange documents to and from regulatory authorities, medical professionals, suppliers, and other partners. Data carried in email includes medical reports, test details, patient personal information, notifications, contacts, agreements, contract negotiations, commitments, issues, invoices, and more. Keeping this data safe, while maintaining compliance with HIPAA and GDPR, is critical.

Protect Patient data

Healthcare teams coordinate work with medical professionals, labs, and patients via email, which carries sensitive medical information and personally identifiable information (PII). All this critical and sensitive data needs to be preserved and protected.

Reduce penalties and risks

Protecting this critical data, complying with industry regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA, and reducing penalties and litigation risks associated with contract enforcement is a top priority for healthcare organizations.


1. Heavily targeted: The sensitive and commercially valuable nature of this data makes them vulnerable to data theft, cyber-attacks and security violations from within the organization and from outside.

2. Using traditional methods can create an unsafe and dark data lake: Storing these emails on-premise, using backup tapes and storage devices can lead to loss of critical information due to physical damage or tampering. Moreover, data stored using these means, makes it hard to locate required information on demand due to the lack of visibility into the content of such data stores.

3. Data fragmentation: Mailboxes bloat rapidly, forcing the users to backup email locally and delete email from their mailboxes. This fragmentation of information makes it challenging to detect and locate data leakage sources.

4. Lack of self service for accessing legacy data: In most cases, the legacy data is fragmented in cold data lakes on traditional devices and is near impossible for end users to access on their own. This leads to productivity loss as the users must depend on the IT team and tedious procedures to extract the required data.

5. Compliance with HIPAA and GDPR: Healthcare providers, due to the sensitive nature of the information they manage, come under the strict purview of industry regulations like HIPAA and GDPR, both aimed at protecting the personal information and medical records of patients. Many healthcare providers lack IT resources and systems to help them stay compliant to these regulations.

The Solution

Automatic cloud email archiving, easy support for GDPR and HIPAA compliance, automated tools to migrate legacy email data and advanced ediscovery can protect critical data, provide visibility on demand and help be ready for compliance always.

A hierarchical storage architecture, possible with a cloud archival, can help contain mailbox bloat automatically.

Security at multiple layers help thwart ongoing cyber-attacks and protect valuable private, confidential and critical data.

Stay GDPR compliant

Vaultastic is designed with capabilities to help you stay compliant with GDPR and HIPAA regulations and protect PII, medical and other sensitive information about your customers, medical professionals, and partners.

Multi-layered Security

Tight multi-layered security protects against cyber-attacks and ensures that your sensitive data stored on our platform is encrypted, immutable and tamper resistant.

Guaranteed service

A fully managed SaaS, which implies Zero hardware, management and maintenance at your end and an SLA guaranteeing uptime, data durability, and functionality, deliver rock solid reliability.

Long term online retention

An elastic archive, which keeps all email of any period safe, online and search-ready in durable, replicated tamper evident vaults, to help you respond to recovery, compliance and litigation requests quickly.

Advanced Ediscovery

An RBAC based self-service to perform deep ediscovery searches with Boolean combinational queries of keywords, mail attributes and extract results in popular formats for an accurate response to compliance requests.

Data security guidelines

Vaultastic’s security framework and policies that have been reviewed against the stringent data security guidelines issued by the industry authorities and third-party programs such as “well architected for AWS“ and "CSA Star".

Legacy and live email

A single repository with a combined ediscovery access increases the value of the data by making all data available instantly.

The Vaultastic Edge

Vaultastic, helps address the specific challenges of manufacturing organisations, with the following capabilities, to provide a safe, reliable and responsive data management capability

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