Private, Secure Email Data Management for Government agencies

Data preservation, Information Governance & Regulation compliance with cloud email archival

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Central and State government bodies handle large amounts of critical data in the form of personal citizen data, project plans & reports, complaints, notifications, user records, public policies, purchases, etc. With most of this sensitive information being carried on email, it is vital that government bodies archive all electronic communication in order to comply with the strict laws around email retention.

Challenge & Risk

Mounting cyberattacks on government organizations and having data scattered on various devices such as tapes and drives can put government agencies at a risk of personal citizen data being compromised.

Without a cyber resilient data preservation and management approach, the government bodies risk devastating impacts on local service delivery, loss of public trust and punitive regulatory fines for failure to secure personal data of the public they serve.


With Vaultastic, the email archiving and ediscovery solution hosted on the AWS cloud and providing a choice of data residency, government organisations can safely store all their email data in a single location along with tools for governance, discovery and compliance.

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  • Preserve/Govern/Comply

  • /user/year (inclusive of GST)

  • Price fixed for a 3-year contract

  • Payment terms - annual in advance

  • Live archiving for email

  • eDiscovery

  • Self-service portal

  • 100 GB storage per user

  • Up to 10 GB historical mail upload per user

  • Up to 1 million mail per user

  • Up to 15 GB a year of data export per user

  • Up to 5000 API calls a year per user


Information Governance

Government bodies must carefully deploy data retention and management policies for the emails of their staff to ensure availability for the right amount of time, control download and sharing of information and ensure accurate disposal of the data.


Electronic communication of government agencies may contain citizen data, confidential proposals, project plans, policies, and more. By law government agencies are required to preserve all traces of electronic communication data to protect all this critical information. The duration of data retention varies from one agency to another.

Discovery, Compliance & Litigation support

To ensure transparency in all transactions and complaint management and be ready for compliance, the government agencies should be able to locate historical electronic communication instantly and be able to produce it on demand in a form acceptable as electronic evidence.

Your Use Cases

Data Residency

Vaultastic offers you a choice of region for storing your data, ensuring that you can comply with the data residency regulations of governments.

Reduced IT costs

Vaultastic is offered as a fully managed SaaS, which implies Zero hardware at your end, Zero management and Zero maintenance from your teams.

Business Continuity

By having all your email data stored in a separate central highly durable storage on the cloud, Vaultastic can help eliminate the impact of email outages to maintain productivity.

Multi-layered Security

Vaultastic is configured with tight security at multiple layers of the stack to ensure that your sensitive data stored on our platform is encrypted, immutable and tamper proof.

Privacy guaranteed

Vaultastic has been designed to ensure customer data privacy in the multitenant SaaS setup. For highly sensitive customers, Vaultastic can also be offered as a dedicated private setup on the cloud.

No Vendor lockin

Vaultastic is built on the premise that we are the custodians of your data and not the owners. Processes and tools specially designed to prevent vendor lock in, are in place to allow you extract all your data when required.

Why Vaultastic is a good fit for governments?