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Can I archive email from an on-premise mail server like MS Exchange, Zimbra, etc?

Yes. Vaultastic supports a wide range of mail servers such as ZimbraMS ExchangeLotus DominoMDaemonPostfix, Mithi SkyConnect, and Mithi Connect Xf, etc.

You can configure a forwarding or journaling rule on the primary mail server to secure a copy of every incoming and outgoing mail to Vaultastic.

Mails from all MS Exchange versions which support journaling can be backed onto Vaultastic. This includes MS Exchange 2007MS Exchange 2010, and MS Exchange 2013.

Can I have a captive Vaultastic deployment on-premise?

No, we do not support deploying Vaultastic on an on-premise infrastructure (bare metal or virtual). Vaultastic is a cloud-native SaaS powered by AWS.

A SaaS offers guarantees via an SLA, is secure, and cost-effective for cloud workloads since you don't have to deploy and manage infrastructure.

For very large and special requirements (such as data residency), we could deploy a captive Vaultastic setup on the AWS cloud, which is private and dedicated to you.

Where is my archived email data stored?

The deployment of your Vaultastic account is an AWS region of your choice. Currently, Vaultastic SaaS is available in the APAC region (Singapore) or the India region.

Your data is stored on elastic cloud storage objects offering extremely high durability.

How do I restore a few email or the entire mailbox of a user from Vaultastic?

As an admin/user of Vaultastic, you can export mail from your Vaultastic account and restore it into your live mailbox.
Please refer to this document for the Steps to export email from Vaultastic

I backup my Mail server regularly. Do I still need Vaultastic?

It's great to know that you are maintaining regular backups of your mail server. However, please note that all actions on the mailstore including deleting of mail or mailboxes are reflected in the periodic backups.

Therefore if a user deletes mail, the next backup will not contain the deleted mail.

Vaultastic in contrast secures a copy of all emails before delivery. This ensures that even if a user accidentally or intentionally deletes mail from the primary mailbox, it is still available in the Vaultastic store.

Long story short, a periodic mail server backup cannot replace an automatic email archival.

Does Vaultastic archive instant messaging, calendar, file store, videos and other sources of data?

At this point in time, Vaultastic archives only email data.

We do have plans of incorporating other forms of conversations and data from other sources as part of the archival process in the near future.

Free Trial

What happens after 30 days of the free trial is over?

During the 30 days of the trial period, you and your team would have used Vaultastic to get a feel of its usefulness in your business environment.

Before this 30-day period ends, you will receive alerts from the system prompting you that the free trial is about to get over.

If you would like to continue using the solution, please confirm your intent by simply writing us an email at sales@mithi.com. Our team will upgrade your free trial to a paid subscription and you will get billed monthly in arrears as per your usage.

However, If you feel that Vaultastic did not serve your purpose, you don't need to do anything. Vaultastic suspends your email archiving domain after the trial ends. It will stop accepting mail for archiving from your primary mail system. After another 7 days, all your archived data will be automatically deleted from our platform. Since we are always learning, we would appreciate if you can write about your experience and specifically about what didn't work for you and send us a mail at sales@mithi.com

To get started with Vaultastic, will I need to make changes to my primary email setup? If so what kind of changes?

Once your account is set up on Vaultastic and your Domains and Vaults provisioned, you would need to enable journaling on your primary email setup to send a copy of every mail sent and received to Vaultastic. Typically this would be done for selected users, or all users depending on your requirement. The steps involved to do this would vary depending on the primary email platform.

Read more about enabling email archival for your account.

What is the free trial offer? How do I avail this offer? How is this trial offer, risk free?

What is the 30-day Free trial offer

Vaultastic offers you a risk-free trial for 30 days. You can use the fully featured Vaultastic in a live environment to get a feel of how it can solve your business problems

How to avail of the free trial offer?

It’s quite simple! You can simply up for a free trial using the free trial form.

How is this trial offer, risk-free?

Start the Vaultastic trial without any credit card or advance payment. It is obligation-free.

If you are not happy with the solution, simply stop using it.

After the trial period, Vaultastic deletes your data automatically.

During the 30 day trial period, how can I get any help regarding the use of the product?

Here are some ways you can get help for using Vaultastic:

Access the Vaultastic help documentation

Access the chatbot from within the Vaultastic UI.

Access the Vaultastic FAQs

If none of the above work, you contact our 24/7 service desk by opening a ticket via your Mithi Account

Pricing Subscription

What are the payment options for your SaaS services?

Mithi offers it's cloud services with the option of two payment agreements:

In this model, you pre-purchase cloud service resources as per your current and perceived needs and opt to pay for these quantities on an annual basis, in advance. Contract periods are typically annual.

Any excess usage during the contract period is metered on a daily basis and billed pro-rata monthly in arrears. Alternatively, you have the option to top up your purchase midterm and pay for the extra resources pro-rated until the end of the contract period.

If you opt for this mode of payment, you don’t have to pre-order any subscription plans or quantities or enter into any time-bound contracts. This is a pure consumption-based model. The system will enable you to use the service as per your needs, meter your usage on a daily basis, and will bill you on your actual usage at the end of every month, in arrears. Learn more about how Pay Per Use works.

Learn more about Mithi's billing models.

Can I get access to my archived mail data, if I decide to cancel the service?

Yes, sure you can.

Mithi is a custodian of your data and not the owner.

You can use the Export functionality of Vaultastic to pull out your data. If the data size is very large, you have the option of receiving this via a physical medium, the AWS snowball. Please note that the export process is billable on a per GB basis, along with any services if you require and the use of the AWS snowball if required. The use of these resources is tracked by our billing system to be added to your monthly bill.

Once you cancel the service, you will not be able to access your data, and the data will be marked for automatic deletion by our systems.


What happens when I disable or delete an account on the primary mail server?

Even if you disable or delete an account on the primary mail server, the corresponding account on the archive domain on Vaultastic remains active. You can continue to refer to the historical mail of that user via this archive account.​

Can I disable Print, Download, Reply, Forward of email from the Vaultastic application?

Yes. Via the admin panel, you can control Vaultastic application features such as the ability to print, download, and the ability to reply or forward an email from the Vault.

End User Access

What capabilities are available to a user of the Vaultastic application?

A user who has been given access to the Vaultastic Application can

a. Login to the Vaultastic application

b. Using ediscovery search for email in his own Vault.

c. If the admin has expanded the scope of ediscovery for this user, then the user can search for emails in the Vaults of other users.

d. The user can download a summary of the search results, export the emails from the search results and/or initiate a collaboration thread on the search results by exporting the results into Ideolve. Learn more about getting the most from search results

e. If the admin has allowed the user to reply, forward to email from the Vaultastic application, the user can do so for each email.

f. The user can view, print, and download each email from the search results.

What happens if a user deletes email from the primary mail account? Will the email also be deleted from the Vault?

Vaultastic stores a separate physical copy of the email in a separate operational infrastructure on the cloud. Any action on the mailboxes of the primary mail solution will have no impact on the email archived into the Vaults.

Will a user be able to see all his personal folders in the Vault?

The Vault for a user in Vaultastic has no knowledge of the structure of the user's mailbox on the primary mail solution. It simply has a copy of all emails sent and received by the user.

The user can however leverage the "Saved search" capability of Ediscovery in the Vaultastic Application to create any number of virtual folders accessible via a single click.


How safe, private is my data on Vaultastic?

Vaultastic protects your data at multiple layers and adheres to the cybersecurity guidelines of several Industry regulatory bodies. You can learn more about the security framework of Mithi's cloud platform here.

I need to download about 2 TB of email data from the Vaultastic archive store, is there a way to do this easily?

It is easy to download email data from Vaultastic. You can learn more about Retrieving data in bulk from Vaultastic.

Is Vaultastic enabled to detect Spam email?

Vaultastic is not equipped with an anti-spam engine. It's configured to archive all emails which are received.

Malware detection and control is an upstream job and is left to the primary mail solution.

Vaultastic for Office 365

Do we need to deploy any software or database on the Office 365 setup?

No, the Vaultastic connector for Office 365 uses the journaling feature to send a copy of every mail sent and received by the selected users to Vaultastic.

With Microsoft Office 365 on Azure and Vaultastic on AWS, will the email data be archived across cloud providers?

Yes. Configuring Vaultastic for mail domains hosted on Cloud email services such as Office 365 or G Suite ensures that a physical copy of each and every mail sent and received is available on the AWS cloud. This frees you up from Vendor lock-in as you are in control of your data and is also a very quick way to implement a multi-cloud policy for your most critical data.

Vaultastic for GSuite

Can I archive emails from G Suite? How to configure G Suite for work domains?

Can I archive emails from G Suite?

Yes. You can archive emails from G Suite (Formerly known as Google Apps).

Vaultastic offers secure email archiving on the cloud for all the mails & attachments for Google Apps for Work. Use Vaultastic to ensure that you have a tamper-proof and  read-only copy of the mailboxes hosted on G Suite at a secondary  location.

Retrieve each copy of an email from Vaultastic which is deleted from the primary mailbox by mistake or deliberately.

Go thorough the presentation to know How Vaultastic works?

How to configure G Suite for Work domains?

G Suite for Work domain administrators need to configure mail routing rules to forward copies of incoming and outgoing mail of the  selected or all users to the Vaultastic servers.

Do we need to deploy any software or database on the G Suite setup?

No. You don't have to deploy any software or database on the G Suite setup. Use the mail routing feature of G Suite to archive mail from your primary email domain. This forwards mail from the primary email server to the Vaultastic servers.

Is there any plugin or extension to G Suite for Work?

No, the Vaultastic interface is independent of the G Suite end user  interfaces. Depending on the rights assigned by the Vaultastic  administrators, end users can access their Vaultastic accounts through a  simple and secure web interface.

Do we need to deploy any software or database on the GSuite setup?

No, G Suite administrators would need to configure mail Journaling rules to send copies of incoming and outgoing mail of the selected or all users to Vaultastic.

Is there any plugin or extension to G Suite for Work?

No, the Vaultastic application is independent of the G Suite interfaces. Depending on the rights assigned by the Vaultastic administrators, end users can access their Vaultastic Vaults through a simple and secure web interface.

Does Vaultastic maintain the data classification of G Suite for Work?

To keep the end-user interface simple, all emails are archived in a central repository and accessible to the user via an ediscovery UI. The user can leverage "saved searches" in the ediscovery interface to create any number of virtual folders accessible on a single click

Vaultastic has no knowledge of the folder structure or organization of emails on the primary mailbox.

Vaultastic for Exchange

Do we need to deploy any software on the Hosted Exchange setup for integration with Vaultastic?

No, the Vaultastic connector for Hosted Exchange uses the journaling feature of Hosted Exchange to send a copy of every mail sent and received by the selected users to an independent Vaultastic store. This capability does not require any additional software or tool to be installed on the Hosted Exchange setup.

What configuration is needed on the Hosted Exchange, Exchange Online domains?

Hosted Exchange, Exchange Online domain administrators have to configure journaling to forward copies of incoming and outgoing mail of the selected or all users to the Vaultastic servers.

Learn more about configuring Office 365 and MS Exchange to archive email to Vaultastic

Why doesn't Vaultastic support an IMAP connector to Hosted Exchange, Exchange Online?

Vaultastic protects email using the journaling capability of the primary mail platform. This ensures that a copy of every email is sent to Vaultastic in real-time, BEFORE delivery. Thereby ensuring that even if emails are deleted from the primary mailbox, they continue to remain intact on Vaultastic

An IMAP based archiving connector would be periodic and therefore doesn't ensure that all email would be archived.

Historical Data

What are the different email file formats supported for Import into Vaultastic?

Legacy email data is imported into Vaultastic using Mithi's Legacyflo email migration tool

The Legacyflo migration tool supports email migration from PST, EML, and MBOX file formats.

The solution can also import MS Exchange EDB files and Lotus Notes NSF files using third-party converters.

Learn more about importing email data into Vaultastic

Can I import legacy data after I have started archiving fresh live email?

Yes. In fact, this is a highly recommended approach where you start archiving live data after you are on-boarded, which works to secure a copy of all your email from that moment.

Once you have the live archival process in place, you can work on your migration strategy, which includes the choice of data to migrate, which users to target first, what methods to use, and so on. You may also have to create a team to plan, supervise, and execute on this.

Importing legacy data does not interfere with the live archiving.

Is there any limit on the amount of legacy email data I can import into Vaultastic?

No. Vaultastic is billed in one dimension by the volume of storage purchased/consumed and hence carries no limit on the amount of legacy email data you want to import.


Learn more about importing legacy email data into Vaultastic.

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