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Updated: Jan 12, 2021

Securely share files online with Ideolve

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Share files online, securely, with Ideolve – 3 months free for our customers

Our customers at the forefront of the fight against the coronavirus

This time is one of significant disruption and unprecedented challenges, and we are happy to note that many of our esteemed customers have been doing a tremendous job in this time of crisis.

Whether it is the supply of essential commodities like milk, 24×7 emergency service, or managing the big cities like Mumbai, our customers have been working relentlessly at their tasks and duties.

Our customers in the Pharma industry, like IPCA and Alembic, are working on keeping the supply and production of essential medicines and accelerating their search for possible cures and treatments to tackle the disease.

While customers like Mahindra and DRDO, have risen to the challenge by developing innovative solutions for Ventilators and PPEs, to deal with the outbreak.

And our customers in the banking sector have been working to keep their operations up and running to minimize the negative impact of the lock-down.

It is our pleasure to serve not just these customers but also all our customers who are directly or indirectly contributing to the fight to defeat this crisis.

As keeping our businesses running becomes a challenge, but necessary, we explore ways to make working from home better and more efficient.

Turning a crisis into an opportunity

Like most other companies, we, too, are working from home.

Can we even turn this crisis into an opportunity to transform the way we work positively?

This means teams from all our departments viz. customer support, billing, infrastructure management, product development, sales, marketing, and accounts are working from home.

Despite the disruption, we have managed to keep pace with the deployments, making sure we deliver support with the least hassle, and the product development work is on track.

The use of email has become even more critical as a business communication tool during this time. Also, almost all of us are increasingly relying on phones, web meetings, and even social networking apps to bridge communication gaps. However, to coordinate the flow of work, much effort is expended, and time lost.

At Mithi, we have been giving much thought to going beyond merely getting things done.

  1. How could we make things better?

  2. Can we reduce the overhead of coordination and be more productive?

  3. Can we reduce the growing clutter in the email inbox?

  4. How could we reduce the use of social networking to cut down the distractions?

  5. How do we ensure greater security in the exchange of information?

Our increasing dependence on Ideolve as a team collaboration tool

In finding answers to these questions, increasingly, we are finding ourselves relying on our collaboration platform – Ideolve.

As we have shared with some of you before, Ideolve has been a critical element of our team collaboration effort during the last 3 years to manage our transformation from a single product enterprise software company to a multi-product SaaS company. It’s hard to imagine how we could have managed this transformation without that.

Hence we share one facet of collaboration – How to share files online securely with Ideolve and make work from home and team collaboration more effective.

And to make it easy for you to get started with Ideolve, we are offering free 3-month use of Ideolve with no strings attached to all our customers and as a token of our appreciation of all the excellent work being done by you.

How does Ideolve help to share files online securely?

Ideolve is an online secure team collaboration and file-sharing application delivered as a SaaS.

Users who need to share files online will create notes, attach the documents, and share the note with only relevant team members.

The tool has a unique capability to support collaboration on the notes/documents, by accepting input from other team members via comments with attachments (if required).

Using this method enables teams to receive feedback on documents, all in one place, in line with the document.

Security controls on the shared note decide how the collaborators engage with the documents. E.g., can they download the document or simply view it, can they copy-paste contents from the document, and more.

It thus helps you own and control your data while allowing your teams to share files online securely and with more productivity.

Learn more about how Ideolve can help securely share files online.

The Offer – Share files online free for 3 months

We’d like you to leverage our tool to overcome the unknowns in this period and continue business operations as normally and securely as possible.

Start securely sharing files with your team and external workers, jump your productivity with Ideolve for 25 users with a cumulative file-sharing space of 50GB, totally free for 3 months from the date of signup.

Mithi is ready to help you achieve business continuity and more productivity in this time of need:

  1. Faster time to value: SaaS cloud tool with Online Sign up with instant provisioning

  2. Easy to deploy: No hardware or on-prem interaction required. Up and running in 10 mins or less.

  3. Healthy security controls: Restrict downloads, restrict clipboard, un-share information, and more.

  4. Jump in Productivity: No more collating feedback from fragmented email. Receive feedback all in one place attached to the original share.

How do you avail of this offer?

3 Simple Steps to Get Started

  1. Sign up here (If you are existing customer, please use your primary email address, which you use to access the Mithi customer console)

  2. Create workspaces

  3. Invite users

View our on-demand webinar to learn more about this offer, how Ideolve works, and its various applications besides enabling you to securely share files online and how you can sign up for free and claim the offer.

Here’s the (lack of) fine print:

  1. To avail of this offer, please sign up within April2020.

  2. For the three months of the offer, any excess usage beyond 25 users and 100GB storage is billed monthly in arrears at these rates and on pro-rata (pay per use)

  3. After the 3-month free offer, you are billed monthly for all the users and cumulative storage on a pay per use basis considering pro-rated consumption

  4. You own your data

  5. No commitments, no minimum order quantities, cancel anytime

FAQs – Share files online with Ideolve

Why is Mithi making this free offer?

We would like to contribute to the great work your organization is doing in the fight against the coronavirus. What better way than help you maintain continuity in your business operations and help increase the productivity of your workers on and off the field.

Until when is the offer valid?

You can sign up for this offer before the end of April 2020. Learn more by attending our webinar on the 9th of April 2020.

What happens after the free period is over?

For the three months of the offer, any excess usage beyond 25 users and 100GB storage are billed monthly in arrears at these rates and on pro-rata (pay per use). After the 3-month free offer, you are billed monthly for all the users and cumulative storage on a pay per use basis considering pro-rated consumption.

How secure is it to share files online with Ideolve?

Head over to this topic on How Ideolve works to know more about the security aspects of the Ideolve tool.

How can I share files online with Ideolve?

Click here to learn more

Can I add more users or use more storage within the free period?

Yes, sure, you can. For the three months of the offer, any excess usage beyond 25 users and 100GB storage are billed monthly in arrears at these rates and on pro-rata (pay per use).

Can I stop using Ideolve during or after 3 months?

Sure, you have no commitments or contracts. You can stop using the tool at any point in time. If any payments are due for the consumption leading up to the point you stop using the tool, you would be liable to make that payment as per the invoice terms.

Take advantage of this free offer to enable your organization to securely share files online and benefit from increased productivity. Sign up for this live webinar on 10th April to learn how you can sign up.

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