7 reasons why you must stop using free email for your business

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

Most small businesses use free email services or email ids provided by their local ISP to transact business messages. Here is why you shouldn’t.

Company Image: Since building trust online is not easy, using a free email-hosting provider can make it even more difficult for people to trust you. To start with, people tend to trust more the businesses that have personalized email address that is personalized to their domain name, such as name@yourbusiness.com. The email solution which an organization chooses is a representation of their business. Deploying an enterprise class email and collaboration system sends out a message that the organization is professional and  appreciates the confidentiality of data.

Reduced Meetings and Travel Costs: With the increase in the number of people provided access to corporate email and chat it is a lot easier to exchange information and workout solutions without have to have face to face meetings. With a drop in the number and frequency of meetings considerable amount of time and travel is saved. Improving efficiency and Reducing the overall cost.

Increased Accountability: When a business begins to use email to manage workflow and assign work, it creates greater accountability because there now is a record of the sequence of action. This record of the sequence of action can also be examined later to fix any problems that may have occured or to improve the working of the business.

Security: This is an important issue when a company is dealing with confidential emails from clients or important documents. You wouldn’t want any third party having access to your most important documents, with the right kind of service provider you can minimize the risks of that happening to near zero. Security threat from within the organization can also be minimised by deploying emails systems that can create a record of all the mail flow.  By storing this information in a safe environment with centralized backup the strings of communication can be retrieved easily for any investigation.

Additional Storage: With a hosted enterprise email service you don’t have to worry about running out of storage space. Additional storage can be provisioned easily to meet your needs. So you can be sure to never miss an important email.

No Spam/Virus: Hosted Enterprise email services include strong mail filters, which free ones may not. This means that it is very unlikely to have your inbox invaded with spam emails or viruses that may disrupt your system and cause loss of work.

Support: When you are dealing with a free email-hosting provider, support is often non-existent. On the other hand, with a paid email hosting service, the support is easy to reach and available to provide you with the help you need to keep your emails flowing. E.g. with paid email hosting you can get a log report and analysis for any email delivery failure, which then enables you to take corrective action.

Having a few email ids to transact business is no longer sufficient for most businesses today. A reliable email service with email access provided to most people in the enterprise is now a necessity.