A note in Ideolve now has an activity trail

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

Greetings from Mithi!

Ideolve, the tool to un-complicate team collaboration, is on a continuous development path with enhancements rolled out almost every day, with an aim to maximize your productivity and to enhance your experience while using Ideolve.

We started these weekly blog posts (every Wednesday) to keep you updated on the latest developments, so you can leverage them in your use of our team collaboration platform – Ideolve.

Each activity on the Note is now recorded

A note in Ideolve can have a long life depending on the topic of discussion and the number of people involved in the note.

To help track the activities by each member of the note, such as adding comments, uploading attachments, mentions of team members, edits to comments and notes, etc, the system now has a “Note activity pane”, which tracks all the action on the note.

This helps you navigate long notes quickly and in context of what you are looking for. E.g. you want a list of all files attached anywhere in the note and by whom, or a list of all comments by a particular team member.

Note Activity - View all actions

Enable/Disable the summary report received at the start of the day

Ideolve has an option to send you a daily digest of all activity pertaining to your workspaces. This report can help you quickly get a top view of what your team is up to and where your intervention is required / requested.

Especially useful for scenarios, where you are not continually signed into Ideolve, and need this digest to trigger action from your end.

You have the option to switch off this report from the User Panel (opened from the top right corner) -> Settings -> Account -> Summary Report.

Summary Report - Click on Settings
Summary Report - Click on Summary report
Summary Report - Turn report on or off

Users can now copy Tables from Word/Excel sheet documents onto Ideolve

We understand that you need to represent your ideas and information in more ways than plain text. While the Ideolve note editor allows you to format your document richly, it may still be required to import data from other information sources such as documents and spreadsheets.

These updates now make it easy to simply copy tables and formatted text from documents and spreadsheets and directly paste them into the Ideolve note.

Add tables from Word or Excel

We hope you enjoyed receiving this update. If you haven’t started using Ideolve yet, it’s easy and can make you 100x more productive over email while working with teams.

Stay tuned for more updates!