A quick round-up of the Product Improvements made in 2017

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

2017 was a hyperactive year for us with several improvements to our suite of products for collaboration, to create a secure, dependable, productive and connected collaboration environment.

Most of our work entered around our new cloud based SaaS offerings.

Below is a quick summary of the key new capabilities added to our products during the course of the year.


For Vaultastic, the push was in the direction of adding new connectors which included connectors to Salesforce and SendGrid, adding to the already wide coverage of systems you can archive emails from.

Ediscovery was perhaps the most important addition to Vaultastic, helping you do more with accumulated email data, gain business insights and discover useful digital assets exchanged over email.

Lastly, in order to make it easy for you to buy and manage your subscription for Vaultastic, we have now made it available on the AWS SaaS marketplace.


With Ideolve, we’ve moved further down the road to – Uncomplicate team collaboration for you. It’s easier to get started with Ideolve and onboard your team with the easy creation of workspaces and extending invitations.

But the more exciting development has been the Ideolve App for iOS and Android that makes it easy to organize yourself and stay in touch with your team anytime anywhere.

It is also easier now to navigate around the information captured in Ideolve using the new note level searches and navigation on notifications across workspaces.

If you’ve not already signed up to Ideolve, please do so, it is free! See how it can make an otherwise complex task of Managing and Collaborating on ideas and initiatives easy for you.


SkyConnect is now more secure, with more elastic storage options and improved performance.

The new improved cloud architecture offers even better availability. The result has been reduced incidences of level 1 and level 2 support.

We’ve also automated and speeded up the migration process to make it easy to onboard new users.

For SkyConnect users, Ideolve now offers a perfect companion to move to for team collaboration, reduce the email clutter and gain productivity. The coming year will see even better integration between these two products.


Filtering for malicious content and defence against growing incidences of ransomware has been a standard part of the SkyConnect offer.

But for customers using ConnectXf or ConnectXf in combination with other in–house mailing systems, Clrstream offers a way to fortify the in-house set-up against growing security breaches using email as the vector.

A study by Osterman Research confirmed that nearly half of North American business organizations were affected by Ransomware in 2017. About 60% of the Ransomware attacks were conducted through email.

We are happy to announce that none of our customers on SkyConnect or using ClrStream were affected by ransomware attacks in 2017.

And although data theft is one of the underrated forms of email threat, Osterman Research suggested that 69% of businesses were affected by it in 2017.

Ensuring and improving security for your collaboration environment is part of the continuous work at Mithi.

We’re looking forward to bringing even better capabilities and product offering in 2018.

Here’s wishing you a bright and productive New Year.