Get answers, resolutions accurately and quickly from Mithi, with the new upgraded Help center

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

Our new upgraded Help center improves your experience when you need answers or help.

Our earlier help center

Earlier, our customers engaged with our support staff over email.

These email were converted into tickets using our ticket request system and tracked to closure.

This meant that the documentation/knowledge base containing all the solutions, was separate from the communication around the issue.

In addition, the communication was across many spaced out emails, some in the inbox and some in the sent items.

Thus, as is the nature of email, the customer experienced a fragmented view of the issue being discussed.

You spoke and we listened

We learned from customer satisfaction surveys, customer conversations, and by observing the way you ask us for help.

We noted that our customers would like a better way to find solutions and manage their interaction with our teams.

More specifically, to help resolve queries and issues rapidly, our customers were looking for:

  1. An up-to-date troubleshooting and solution knowledge base to help quickly resolve issues on their own.

  2. A central space to manage all their interaction with the Mithi customer success team.

  3. Clear visibility and up to date status on all ongoing and past tickets.

We listened and responded.

What’s new in the upgraded Help Center?

We are pleased to announce the launch of the all-new upgraded “Mithi Help Center”.

The aim of this is to improve your experience when you need help.

The significant improvements in this help center are as follows:

Single Central Mithi Account

You as a customer get access to your own “Mithi Account” portal, accessible directly from Mithi Website here. Your Mithi Account enables you to manage your profile, browse troubleshooting help content and access our customer support desk. This also means that only the registered user from your organization can access the help center and engage with the Mithi support desk.

Sign in to access your Mithi Account

Access Help Center

You sign in and select the “Get Support” option. You will then be taken to a dashboard with a list of all tickets created by/for you with their current status. Changes to the ticket status are also sent to you as alerts on your registered email id.

Get Support from within your Mithi Account

Ticket Dashboard in the Help Center

From the dashboard, you can easily access the up-to-date knowledge base and find solutions quickly. The knowledge base is regularly updated with new learning as our teams engage with customers to help them and also as new product updates are released to our solutions.

Help Center Dashboard

Opening a new Ticket

You can open new tickets via structured forms from within your Mithi Account. Asking contextual questions in these forms, helps us capture the critical information required to resolve your query in a timely manner, thus reducing back and forth communication.

Opening a Ticket to Mithi

Integrated Knowledge Base

The knowledge base is integrated with the form for ticket creation, ensuring that it provides contextual help pointing you to relevant solution topics, faqs, while you compose your ticket, thereby reducing time to resolution.

Mithi Knowledge Base in the Help Center

Ticket Status Visibility

The ticket status clearly indicates the position of the ticket in the system. This clear status visibility on the ticket flow helps you know the current action being taken on the ticket. Most significantly it will prompt for some input or information from your end when the ticket status is “Waiting for customer input”.

Rapid collaboration to resolve issues

From a backend perspective, this new support desk platform has been integrated with our team collaboration tool “Ideolve” to help our multiple internal teams get instant visibility on all communication with you. This integration enables a defined time-bound automated process of ticket escalation and issue allocation, thus bringing in the Level 2 and Level 3 teams to collaborate and resolve issues rapidly.

Important to note during the roll-out phase:

  1. For a brief period up to 15th Nov 2019, the earlier ticketing system based on emails sent to support [at] mithi [dot] com will coexist with this new system. Beyond that, you will not be able to ask for help over email

  2. The tickets from the earlier ticketing platform will not be moved to this new Help center platform. We will retain all earlier communication on the old platform for a period of 6 months before deleting all those tickets permanently.

Learn more about how the new Help Center works and also how to use it for a quick resolution to your queries.