How HR team can use Ideolve to leverage the hiring process

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

Ever wondered how your organisation can streamline the recruitment cycle?

Often in smaller organisations with only a single HR Manager, long hours are spent in sorting, screening and qualifying CV’s to be processed for recruitment. This results in a longer turn-around time between the “Opening of a Position” and the Closure of the Position”.

The lack of a robust yet affordable “Applicant Tracking System”, makes it cumbersome and time-consuming to track the progress of the hiring process.

As per the Deloitte University Press, 56% of businesses are in the process of “redesigning their HR programs to leverage digital and mobile tools.”

Ideolve – The team collaboration tool from Mithi can help with this sort of redesign and effectively help track the Hiring Process

Once the HR Manager has shortlisted candidates for the next round of interviews with the management team, he/she opens and shares a separate note per candidate with an overview of the candidate profile in the main note and the entire resume and job description attached. With Ideolve, the added users can simply view the attached resume and job description online (without having to download the file)

Create Note and Attach files

During the course of an interview, the interviewer having access to the resume within the “Ideolve Note”, can quickly take notes in the comments section based on the answers given by the candidate. These comments can later be edited to add feedback on the performance and whether the candidate should be moved to the next round or not.

Interviewers add comments

If the candidate passes the first round of interview, the interviewer who is next in line can view the comment and formulate questions accordingly, similarly taking down thoughts and feedback on the candidates performance.

Any edits or questions that the interviewer may think of when out of the office, can be quickly taken down using the Ideolve Mobile App avaible on both Android and iOS.

If the candidate successfully passes all the rounds and is hired, the hiring manager can attach the offer letter in the same note as well, creating an online folder with all the candidates information in a single place, forming an audit trail, available for future reference.