How Your IT Support Team Can Use Ideolve As An Issue Resolution Platform

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

You would agree that IT support team in any organization can make or break the company.

Good customer service and a reduced turnaround time can not only help retain customers but increase clients through word of mouth.

According to the Harvard Business Review, customers who had the best past experiences spend 140% more compared to those who had the poorest past experience.

Often due to different hierarchies in an organization and within the support team, it takes a while to resolve tickets. Once a ticket is raised, it may be forwarded by mail to the person responsible for solving the issue.

If this issue cannot be solved at a lower level, then the email is forwarded to a more senior person in the organisation to take a look at and give advice.

In the mix of all these emails plus the other regular mails being received, the ticket raised can be easily overlooked pushing the timeline in terms of solving the case concerned.

The biggest problem with issue resolution is clear, consistent, regular updates to the customer, and the coordination within internal teams to seek help and resolve the issue.

It is vital to find a way to shorten the turnaround time, by consolidating the matter in a transparent, visible platform.

This is where Ideolve can help

With Ideolve, all conversations around a certain ticket or query are consolidated in a single note.

To start with, the support team can create a workspace on Ideolve that is concerned only with ticket resolution, adding members who will be primarily involved in the issue resolution process.

Edit or rename workspace description. View users in workspace

When a ticket is raised that requires deeper understanding and input, the support team can open up a note within this workspace with a subject briefly explaining the issue. For example, ‘password policy alert issue’ and the company name.

Insert subject & content

In the main portion of the note, the support team can fill in details relating to that issue. Once this note is in place, it can be shared with senior members of the team. A discussion around how to solve the issue can commence.

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Alternatively, the support team can simply forward the support ticket email to which will import the entire mail content into Ideolve for the rest of the team to view.

Through comments, members in the note can alert the rest of the recipients on the steps that are going to be carried out and give updates on the progress.

Add comments

This method makes sure that all the conversation is transparent, readily available and guarantees that no information gets lost in the midst of several other documents and mails.

Tagging and classifying notes in Ideolve, can also help the support team segregate the notes based on the topic, which can be referred back to, should a similar problem arise in the future.

Add tags

Ideolve allows collaboration with users from within as well as outside the organisation.

Therefore the support team can also add the customer who has raised the ticket. This allows the customer to get a live update on the progress being made to resolve the issue.

Once the issue is resolved, the entire note can be transferred to the documentation team who can learn from the use case. This can be utilized to make FAQs or knowledge base articles for educating customers and other departments in the organisation.