Ideolve Now allows you to Access a Note directly from Email without sign in

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

Greetings from Mithi!

Ideolve, an online tool designed to un-complicate team collaboration, is on a continuous development path with enhancements rolled out almost every day. These developments are aimed at maximizing your productivity and enhancing your Ideolve experience.

We have started these weekly blog posts (every Wednesday) to keep you updated on the latest developments, so you can leverage them in your use of our team collaboration platform – Ideolve.

@ mentions in the note

You can now mention another user in the note or comment using the prefix @, followed by the name of the user (example: @Mark Johnson). The system will prompt you with a matching list of users as you type, to help you auto-complete.

On a mention, the user will get an instant notification in his/her email as well as on the Mentions Tab in Ideolve. This new feature is especially useful, to draw attention of a person or set of users who are closely involved on a project, to a comment or a note, without alerting others who are present in the note. It also helps the mentioned user keep track of priority requirements by viewing the list in the Mentions Tab.

Mention @username to send an email alert
Browse through Mentions

Access a note directly from your email

The notification sent to a user’s mailbox will contain a brief of the note as well as a URL to access the note directly. Users can now view discussions and conversations without needing to be logged into Ideolve. E.g. If you want to send a note to a user who is not signed up for Ideolve, you can send this notification by simply sharing this note with the user via his/her email id. Once the notification email is received, the person can either choose to view the note in Read Only mode, download any attachments present or Sign Up for Ideolve and start collaborating on the note instantly!

Access Note from Email

Publish a note as a blog

The owner of a note can now publish the note as a blog. The link can be shared with anyone using any platform such as Chat, Email, Facebook or Twitter. Anyone with access to this link will be able to view the note in a read-only mode. For example, you can use this feature to share the terms and conditions or certain guidelines with a set of users who are not on Ideolve. Any attachments in the note can be downloaded. Once you are done sending out the link and everyone concerned has received the content, you can opt to revoke the public access. To create a public link, click on the drop down menu -> select publish tab -> switch on -> copy link

Publish a Note
Make a note publically available

We hope you enjoyed receiving this update.

If you haven’t started using Ideolve yet, it’s easy and can make you 100x more productive over the use of email, while collaborating with teams.

Stay tuned for more updates!