Improvements and updates to the Ideolve Mobile App

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

Ideolve – the collaboration app from Mithi Software helps teams stay connected and work on projects seamlessly. The mobile app further puts emphasis on this by allowing users to quickly look through their notes and workspaces while on the go.

The biggest advantage of using this mobile app, is the accessibility it provides even when a data connection may not be available. Users who are travelling that need to put down their thoughts can easily create notes whether on a plane, train or bus.

Once a connection is available, they can share the notes with other users. This is especially useful for those looking to collaborate from areas with low connectivity. The app is available on both Google Play and the App Store.

Following up from our last blog, here is a quick look at the recent updates, making the app more user friendly.

1. Add and remove comments natively

This new feature makes it extremely easy and fast to comment on various notes, providing optimized performance. All comments can be formatted as on the web, allowing users to express their comments better.

For example, if your sales team is on the go, they can quickly send an update on a meeting with a prospect or a client. This helps in making sure that all talking points have been covered, and nothing gets missed out.

Add and format comments

2. Add files to the comments

Easily attach and upload files to your comments. Simply click on the attach icon to upload photos, videos, documents and voice files. Any files that are clicked on will get downloaded on your phone, so that you can edit and re-upload if necessary.

For example, maybe your sales or marketing team is going to a customer to get a video testimonial. With the capability of smartphones increasing day on day, it is easier than ever to record interviews or testimonials. Users can instantly upload and share these with the web development team, who can add the testimonial on your website.

Upload attachments

Stay tuned for next weeks update!