Leverage your Archived Email Data with Vaultastic eDiscovery

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

Leverage your archived email data with Vaultastic ediscovery

IDC says 60% of business critical information is in email. This means that proposals, quotations, commitments, purchase orders, knowledge exchange, design discussions and tons more of useful stuff, is trapped in email. In this post we will explain what is eDiscovery? As well as explore how it can be used to leverage the ever growing email data volume.

Why Archive Email?

For a start you took steps to protect your data and store it in a centralized tamper proof email archiving cloud store such as Vaultastic. Superb!

However, does all this information allow you to answer pressing day to day queries about your business operations? Such as:

  1. The type of mails sent by users to external domains?

  2. The number of pdf attachments sent by a certain user on a certain day in the month or year?

  3. The list of documents sent out of the domain?

Yes! the answer lies in eDiscovery and the Cloud.

eDiscovery (Wikipedia definition) –

eDiscovery refers to the process of seeking, locating and searching email data with the intent of using it as official record during internal audits or in litigation.

How does the Vaultastic eDiscovery feature work?

eDiscovery or email discovery, as the name suggests, allows the Vaultastic Admin to search across mailboxes of users, by using endless permutation and combinations of the mail attributes like sender, recipient, attachment, dates etc, to narrow down and find information relevant to the context at hand.

For example, if the admin wants to find out all the emails sent by John Smith from Mithi to an external domain, all the admin has to type out in the eDiscovery email search bar is

from john.smith@mithi.com AND NOT to @mithi.com

as shown in the image below

ediscovery: Search all the emails sent by John Smith from Mithi Software to an external domain

Other questions could include:

Has Rajesh sent any mail to anybody in Mithi with a PDF attachment?

ediscovery: Search if Rajesh has sent any mail to anybody in Mithi with a PDF attachment?
ediscovery: Search if Rajesh has sent any mail to anybody, with any of these words "Finance", "Quotation", "report", "List", "Customer", or "Quote"?

Learn more about composing search queries

Some little known benefits of eDiscovery

Litigation Support:

Often when faced with litigation or regulatory requests, companies are unaware of the magnitude of data and information they hold.

In addition, they are unsure as to where all the information is and how to best find relevant documents.

Vaultastic eDiscovery solutions provide document review by searching across user mailboxes, and within attachments. Thus helping businesses respond to a discovery request in a timely and complete manner.

In addition, email archiving eDiscovery helps provide a window into the information, thereby providing actionable case data to attorneys and increasing the chances of winning a case.

Understanding Patterns:

Using Vaultastic eDiscovery a business can analyze email data to identify patterns of usage.

Since email is a primary exception handling tool, an analysis of the usage patterns throws light on the kind of problems and issues being faced by a business.

For example, a company could find out how the business has been fairing in the month of April based on the signed agreements received for that month.

Cost Optimization:

Often companies hire external parties to use review and analysis software to search for specific documents, as internal eDiscovery tools don’t exist or are complex to use, therefore eating into management time and company resources.

Typically an hourly payment is made to external paralegals to search and retrieve information. Reliable and efficient in-house eDiscovery solutions puts an end to this, saving company revenue.

In conclusion, finding relevant pieces from among vast amounts of data and information can be cumbersome, time consuming and costly. But Vaultastic ediscovery can help locate information accurately and quickly.

Want to learn more about eDiscovery? Check this webinar on Why eDiscovery on Email is Critical for SMBs.

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