Making team collaboration work better with Ideolve

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

For teams working together on tasks, initiatives, ideas, projects and issue resolution, it’s a challenge to deal with all the inflow of messages. Email is bad for such intense collaborative activities and can be a considerable drain on individual and team productivity. On average, office workers spend 28% of their workday reading and typing responses to email, the McKinsey Global Institute finds.

In most enterprises there are groups that perform key tasks such as handling customer issues, working on development and transformational projects etc, to effectively respond to daily exceptions and challenges. This is especially true for start-ups, core teams in smaller enterprises and project groups within large enterprises.

The main problem they face is the number of issues, exceptions and initiatives they have to deal with. This can easily lead to confusion, complexity and losing sight of priorities.

The most often used tools today to coordinate their work is email, chat, social media or face to face meetings. With each of these tools having serious limitations in serving their needs. Email and chat can lead to a case of too many messages criss-crossing, making team collaboration and communication ineffective. While meetings can end up taking away a lot of productive working time. Social networking apps, the most popular of the options only gets worse with time, as it brings in more distractions.

If teams could move to a better way to collaborate, it would enable faster work and finding more effective solutions. Thus leading to happier customers and lesser fire fighting at work.

At Mithi, e.g. the shift from email to Ideolve for team collaboration has resulted in a more than 80% drop in email traffic and a much faster execution of our transformation projects which has resulted in a faster time to market and improved customer experience.

With the rapidly changing business environment driven by new technology, businesses can hardly afford not to consider tools such as Ideolve that can improve their response. There is clearly a better way of accomplishing work without having to feel like fighting fire everyday.

Ideolve is a perfect companion to your email system. It doesn’t need a wholesale transformation in the way you work. And you can get started for free.