Mithi launches a new Help Center to make it easier for customers to evaluate and use its SaaS Soluti

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

Mithi, launched a new version of their documentation site (help center), specifically to improve the user’s experience while navigating help documentation around it’s products.

“Although all the information about configuring and using our products was available online, the users were challenged to maintain context while navigating topics of different products, understanding the relationships of the topics amongst the various products and locating relevant help easily.” Aditi Malaviya, Head of Engineering, Mithi Software Technologies, on the earlier help center.

The new help center is designed to be a comprehensive, single, central repository of the service documentation of all the products, organized in a tree folder structure map of categories and topics to support the user in instantly locating help relevant to task being performed on the software.

“A context based organisation, helps the user navigate to related topics quickly, assists him in following sequenced processes easily & completely, while reducing the learning time. A big productivity boost.” – Sunil Uttam, Co-founder, Mithi Software Technologies.

A comprehensive search assist tool, allows the user to select product categories to look in and suggests topics of relevance as the user types the search term.

To assist offline consumption, all pages in the help center, can either be printed, downloaded as a PDF or sent to others via email. Learn More.

Note: At this point in time, the new help center, is populated with documentation of two products, viz. Vaultastic and Legacyflo, with the other product sections on their way.

About Mithi Software: Mithi Software are the makers of cloud-based email data management, email security and business email/team communication SaaS solutions.