Mithi Software features in Insights Success Magazine’s “30 Most Admired Companies of the Year 2016”

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

Blog: Mithi Software features in Insights Success Magazine’s “30 Most Admired Companies of the Year 2016”

Insights Success is one of the leading Business Magazine for enterprises, being the prime source of business insights and tech trends. Availing core information about newfangled business solutions, products and services, latest technological advancements, etc., Insights Success is the platform firmly focused on start-ups of all the sectors working in the business world out there, as well as the well-established business magnate’s of the business world.

Insights Success Magazine’s December 2016 issue has listed Mithi Software as one of “The 30 Most Admired Companies of 2016“. The issue states that “we have shortlisted companies who are ahead in today’s competition, let it be in terms of technological advancement, workplace environment, offering the best products and services or innovation. All of these are the companies, which are proving their metal in all these aspects”.

Insights Success have published an article on their website which titles Mithi as an “Innovative Collaboration Technology Enabler For Enterprises”. The article speaks about how Mithi is helping enterprises bring people together and gets things done faster by relying on its Email, Collaboration and Archiving solutions to boost productivity and solve mission-critical business problems. Along with being innovative, Mithi’s primary focus has always been on making technology accessible, useful and affordable to every enterprise by offering products like:

  1. SkyConnect – Secure, Dependable, Scalable Cloud Email and Collaboration Solution

  2. Vaultastic – the most secure Cloud Email Archiving solution yet!

Tarun Malaviya, CEO and Founder of Mithi Software, also shares his insights on how the changing technology landscape is redefining Mithi’s offerings and its future plans. Mithi intends to build derivative and lateral products that will help businesses create more dependable, secure and productive collaboration environments without incurring high costs. Cost being a significant barrier in the adoption of technology, Mithi always aims to offer better cost customization to meet individual business needs, without compromise on performance.