Mithi Terms of Service (SLA) – Single, Simplified, updated for Mithi’s cloud collaborati

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

Mithi's single simplified SLA updated for all products of its cloud collaboration platform

Mithi’s updated SLA


Until this point in time, each of Mithi’s products/services, viz., SkyConnect, Vaultastic, ClrStream, Legacyflo, Ideolve, was governed by a separate terms-of-service or SLA (Service Level Agreement). Considering that most of our customers subscribe to multiple products from our platform, these multiple SLAs was becoming difficult for them (and for us) to track and execute.

Consolidation & Simplification of the SLA

We have taken this initiative to consolidate the different terms-of-service agreements from each of our products into a single terms-of-service, with the purpose of simplifying the execution of the agreement, and to cover additional upcoming Mithi products & services.

Notable changes to the Mithi Terms of service.

  1. This is now a single agreement applicable for the use of all SaaS cloud products & services from Mithi.

  2. The service level agreement has links to the individual data sheets of each product. The data sheets highlight specific key capabilities/deliverables of each product.

  3. Introduces a new section on the 3 payment agreement options, viz. Contracts, Pay-per-use or AWS Contracts.

  4. Provides a simplified explanation of the support policy

  5. Provides a simplified explanation of the account suspension policy.

  6. To reduce the effort during renewals, the SLA introduces a clause for auto-renewal of subscription.

  7. The SLA is more transparent, easy to understand after the rest of the sections have been merged and simplified.You can read the entire Mithi Terms of Service agreement here.

The effective date for the SLA

This new agreement is effective from 29th July 2019 (for older customers from August 21st, 2019). This agreement supersedes any agreements between the customer and Mithi with the exception of those signed physically with specific customers.