New in Ideolve – File sharing made easy for teams

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

A better way to share files than using email attachments

A majority of businesses use email as a tool to send and receive files that need to be used as reference, reviewed, modified, discussed upon etc.

However with the number of messages pouring into the mail box and a multitude of repeated mails with modified files attached and re-attached, it becomes increasingly confusing and challenging to navigate to the right file and reconcile the changes to the document.

A survey conducted by Carleton University concluded that an average knowledge worker spends 11.7 hours a week processing email at work. And 30% of the time, the emails they’re getting are neither urgent nor important.

This not only results in wasted time, but also acts as a distracting mechanism, drawing people away from the current task at hand.

People who are no longer working on the file shared, or are passive receivers of information, continue to receive email messages with regards to the suggested changes to the document, as they are cc’d in the email thread. This can often lead to a negative impact on the productivity at work.

File Sharing with Ideolve

With Ideolve, file sharing just gets super easy!

You can add a note around a subject, add the relevant file and share it with the people concerned.

Added users can then share their inputs via comments. Their inputs could be in the form of a simple message or their version of the document in a comment.

Additional information can be requested via comments, keeping all the information exchange on one single note.

Thus making it easy to locate information and navigate to the correct version of the document.

Attach file in comment

Using the “@” tag, people can notify others of a change, request or suggested change to the document, thereby ensuring that the team can easily coordinate it’s activity around a document.

mention in comment

In addition, the author of the note can upload the modified and final version of the file in the main note to enable easy reference by all.

upload files in the main note

The note activity function, allows easy navigation through the activities on a notes, making it easy to collaborate with team members on the work around a document.

View all activities in a note

View a particular activity in a note

With all the exchange of ideas and information in one place, using Ideolve not only helps in creating and reviewing documents, but also in enabling the coordination of work around a document, where, a document acts as a starting point of a larger project.

Who can benefit from Ideolve?

Ideolve can benefit any company where decision making hinges on exchanging multiple version of files, comments and ideas.

  1. A management team that wants to discuss or brainstorm regarding a particular project, can add their views via comments which could include tables, files, lists, images etc.

  2. A software company running multiple streams of operations across diverse internal and external teams to meet their software delivery projects.

  3. A research agency, where the coordinator needs to assimilate information and content from multiple contributors, and use it to produce a final report or document.

  4. A design agency, where the design lead needs to invite and coordinate design inputs from multiple team members and stake holders.

  5. A media house, where the account manager needs to include content, design and sales teams to finalize a client brief based on initial inputs from the client.