New on Ideolve: Assign user roles to manage note responsibilities

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

The latest update on Ideolve now allows note owners to assign roles to the users of a note.

This new feature helps delegate responsibilities, giving varying degrees of permission and access. The new roles available are as follows:




  1. Add user to a note

  2. Delete user from the note

  3. Publish the note

  4. Delegate the responsibility to other users


  1. Add user to a note

  2. Delete user from the note

Share Only

  1. Add user to a note

Assigning roles can help distribute the responsibility among several users for adding or deleting users and publishing notes. The roles can be assigned to any number of users that are a part of the note and can be revoked at any time.

For example, if the note owner is away from work or unable to access the note, a super-admin or admin can quickly share the note with someone new and the collaboration can continue in the owners absence. This way, the dependence on one person (the owner) to organize the note is eliminated.

Assigning User Roles

To start with, click on the share note option as seen below

Click on the share icon

Once the share note pop up opens, click on the user you would like to assign a role to and select the desired role

Click on the user assign role

In order to view the permissions available to the different roles, click on the information icon

Click on the information icon

We hope that this update comes in use to you.

Stay tuned for next week!