On Demand Webinar: How an Email Archival Solution can improve an Organisation’s Productivity

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

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Traditionally archives, as the name suggests, are meant to store historical data to be used in the event of any investigation or forensic analysis.

As a result, many organisations, have developed systems and procedures to simply backup the data from the servers or clients and store them in a raw form, over a long term. Typically in the form of PST files or raw EML files.

However such methods have severe limitations and render the data pretty much unusable during a discovery operation.

“By 2019, 75% of organizations will treat archived data as an active and “nearline” data source, and not simply as a separate repository to be viewed or searched periodically, up from less than 10% today.” – Gartner

A cloud email archival solution, which presents ALL the data ONLINE in a SEARCH READY state, gives you access to any of your email of any period in a flash (email on tap) and can improve productivity for your organisation in the following ways:

  1. Instant discovery of knowledge, when and where required

  2. End user self service portal to discover and recover mail without intervention by IT Team

  3. Fast response to regulation investigations

  4. Data analysis to discover usage patterns and predict organisation health

  5. Leverage the knowledge captured in email conversations

In this webinar we discussed each of the above use cases in depth and demonstrate how the right email archival platform can improve your organisation’s productivity many fold.

Questions asked during the webinar

Can we archive old data in .pst and other formats? What are the prerequisites for this?

In Vaultastic, there is one plan, which allows you to upload historical data – the Hold plan. You have the option to upload any amount of historical data in PST, EML or from IMAP into those accounts via the tools we provide to help you do this.The prerequisites for cloud archive is only the presence of an Internet connection if you have an in-prem server. If you have a cloud email service like Office 365, G Suite or SkyConnect then nothing else is required. The archival will happen from the Microsoft or the Google or SkyConnect cloud into the Vaultastic cloud.

How much time does it take in PST link generation and sending to users?

This depends on the quantum of email which has been requested for export. If the quantum is very large the PST generation will take time. If it’s a very small quantum, it should happen in a few minutes otherwise a few hours.

Is there an option enabling users to upload PST?

No, currently the import of historical data is available to the administrator only. We have introduced a new tool in the platform which enables the administrator to upload historical data for the HOLD plan users but we have not given any option for the end user to upload information into the archive.

I want to archive mails of ex employees. Is this possible?

The Vaultastic Hold plan gives you the option to store data of ex-employees or people who have left your organisation. Data can be uploaded in PST, EML or even from IMAP into the Vaultastic vault. The data will be kept for as long as you want and will be ediscoverable as well.

Can we migrate data stored in “.tar” format on to Hold plan?

This depends on the original format of the email in the tar file. Native support is available for EML and PST file.

If customer wants to go away from Vaultastic, then what are the possibilities of providing data backup online or offline?

If you decide to step away from Vaultastic, we respect your choice and we have made provisions to make sure that you can get this data either using an online mechanism if it is a small amount of data or a physical mechanism if it’s a large amount of data.

Can archiving be done in Private Cloud?

No, our solution is available on the public cloud. It is a SaaS solution, it is multi-tenant and your data is safe, secure and private.

How do I move mail from Vaultastic to Ideolve?

In Vaultastic after you do a search, you will see search results. In front of every result, there will be an option to open the result and see the full mail or you’ll have a button saying move this to Ideolve for deeper discussion. After that you will be asked for authentication and then the data will be moved into your Ideolve account.From Ideolve you can share the email with relevant stake holders, who will come and collaborate with you on that email through comments.

What is the lifetime of the download link of the exported mail?

The link to download the exported mail will expire in 7 days from the date of creation.