On Demand Webinar: How Eureka Forbes is working on leveraging Cloud Archival & Ediscovery?

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

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If any of the below situations resonates with your environment, then this webinar is a must attend for you.

  1. In our mailing environment, I observe lopsided mailbox bloat (some mailboxes are huge and growing rapidly, while others are average sized), and I need help with strategies to manage this.

  2. My IT Team is struggling with maintaining PST file backups of end users. Its a hair ball to store all these PST files centrally, tag them in chronological order, deal with data duplication and data integrity issues due to mail deletion or loss between two backups. Tapes and storing backups offsite add to the chaos. Please help.

  3. I see a lot of knowledge trapped in my email system, but am at a loss of how to access this easily, efficiently and fast. Are there any tools to help with this?

Speakers from Mithi, Amazon and the Industry share their experiences and insights to leave you with actionable information on how to keep your data safe, simplify operations, ensure quick recovery from any malicious attacks or accidents and gain business insights for accelerating customer success.

In this webinar we spoke about:

  1. Why Archive Email?

  2. How does Email Archiving Work?

  3. Why Archive to the cloud?

  4. Why Vaultastic?

  5. Customer speak on How Eureka Forbes benefits from Cloud archival & Ediscovery

  6. Amazon speak on why cloud storage is the safest storage now

  7. Q and A Session