On Demand Webinar : Preparing for a life OF work

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

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As soon to graduate or recently graduated students, the main focus is to find a job and set a forth in the work place.

This task, can sometimes be daunting, with students not being aware of their own skills and experience or what different jobs require.

At Mithi, we are always on the look out for young talent with fresh outlooks and perspectives.

But what fundamental skills should a student possess in order to successfully navigate through the job search process and get that dream job?

Join this 30 minute webinar, where Mr. Sunil Uttam, Co-founder, Mithi Software Technologies shall discuss the skills, culture and attitude required to land your dream job from the get go and pave your way to a prosperous future.

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Questions asked during the webinar

Are there any training programs provided by Mithi?

We run a daily training program for all our employees which are department based. This helps keep all our employees up to date on their skill sets as well as aware of the changes in the company.

We also do send a few selected employees to external training programs for example the Amazon centre or any of our other partners or OEM’s.

Does Mithi provide any internship programs?

Yes, we are happy to onboard interns, but we do not take interns for a short period. Minimum internship period is 6 months and we will be very happy to work with you, because we feel like we get to learn a lot from the interns and in turn the interns also learn from the on the job training that we put them through.

Can we share academy invitations with our friends?

Of course, the whole purpose of hosting these Academy webinars is to benefit students and young working professionals alike. We would be more than happy, if you share these invitations and get your friends on board.

Where can we see the earlier academy session recordings?

You can find a list of the earlier recordings from our Academy page. For this, go to the Mithi website, and under the company section navigate to Academy. Learn More.

How will I get updates about Academy?

You can get the latest updates by following our social channels or subscribing to our mailing list which you can find in the footer of our homepage.

Why are we running this Mithi Academy?

It was an idea that was incubated during our pre placement talks last year. To put forth very brutally, in our view the employability quotient of most students is not very high which means that a majority of them are unemployable.

There are several reasons for this, one is that they may not be technically qualified, the second is gaps found in the education system. This is a large reason as to why we conduct these webinars, as a means to bridge the gap between what an education teaches you and what an industry needs.

We look at the Academy as a CSR program to give back to education and create a means by which students find themselves more capable to be employed not only at Mithi, but elsewhere as well.