On Demand Webinar: Which Archival Strategy is Right for You?

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

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Have you faced any of the below situations in your organization? If yes, then you must attend this data archiving strategy webinar.

  1. I am a small financial consulting company, and use G Suite, what should I do to secure my email?

  2. I am a bank with 5K+ employees and need to store email data for 7 years and have data residency constraints, how should I archive my email?

  3. I am a mid-sized manufacturing company and need to store email data for the period of my contracts, warranties, typically 5 to 7 years, what is your advice for me?

  4. I am a PSU which, by regulation, cannot store data on the cloud, what are my options?

  5. I am considering archival as a backup and not for compliance, what should I do?

In this specially featured joint webinar we discussed the three core email archiving strategy, which are: SaaS on Cloud | Dedicated Cloud | On premise Server and help you decide the right one for your organisation.

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In this data archiving strategy webinar we spoke about:

  1. The need for Email Archiving

  2. How Email Archiving Works

  3. Shared SaaS archival on cloud

  4. Dedicated archival on cloud

  5. On premise archive server

  6. The right fit for common scenarios

  7. Why Vaultastic?

  8. Customer speak on their experience

  9. Amazon speak on why cloud

  10. Q & A Session

Questions asked during the webinar

Why is eDiscovery on email critical for SMBs?

Microsoft O365 supports the capability of journaling a copy of every mail sent and received, using which it is possible to archive those mail to Vaultastic. In addition, Vaultastic seamlessly integrates with other popular email solutions such as GSuite, MS Exchange, Mithi SkyConnect, Connect Xf and several more products.

When the email is retrieved, does it get retrieved to the original folder or is a new folder created and emails retrieved into this folder instead?

To maintain simplicity and allow quick searches, the Vaultastic account has only two folders, the Inbox and the Sent Items. All mail received by a user will be available in the Inbox, irrespective of the filters on the primary mail server. All the mails sent by a user will be available in the Sent Items folder. While retrieving a mail, if you forward or reply to a particular person, the mail will land in the inbox of the receiver and no new folder will be created.

What will happen to the encrypted mails?

In rare situations, emails are transported as encrypted/signed mail. This is done to ensure privacy in the conversation between two or more people. In such a situation, while the mail will certainly be archived, the Vaultastic engines, parsers and scanners have no way to decrypt the mail and index it. Hence an encrypted mail cannot be viewed on Vaultastic or even discovered in the eDiscovery. In a way that is what encryption wants to achieve – a totally private conversation only amongst the sender and recipients of the email. The only way this mail will come back into the client of the user, is during a full mailbox restore.