PWC ranks Mithi amongst the top 100 software product companies in India

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

I’m very happy to note that Price Waterhouse Coopers has ranked us amongst the top 100 software product companies in India. It is specially satisfying to know that this has happened without us seeking after it. As was the case with other recognition we have received so far.We have still to uncover the criteria used for the ranking but judging by the list it seems that not all companies in it are purely software product companies. And that the list probably ranks those with bigger revenues higher.

It is not as if we are suddenly much better than what we were yesterday afternoon before the news came in. Though it feels so. But it will certainly have a positive impact on our sales growth. Most people tend to judge you by what others have to say about you.

India is estimated to be a 5 trillion dollar economy by 2020 but we all know how much else still has to change to make things better for our people.

I’d rather that we measure ourselves by some quality indices like Customer Satisfaction, Product Quality, Per Person Productivity, Energy Efficiency, Workplace Quality, Contribution to Society etc. We should measure ourselves on these.

Still, we won’t be pursuing rewards and recognitions. If they come our way, fine. If they don’t it’ll be fine as well. Our own experience would be the most important judge. The surest test of things getting better is that we experience it to be so.

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