Respond quickly to compliance & recovery requests, with easy and rapid export of ediscovery res

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

In most compliance, or litigation situations, IT teams are requested to find specific mail by sender, receiver, period, and/or keywords and share that information in the PST formats, for use by analytical tools of the compliance teams.

Vaultastic’s new release makes this otherwise tedious job of creating such PST, easy and fast and makes this data available for offline access.

A user with ediscovery rights can now simply fire up a discovery based on required parameters and export the results from the ediscovery console itself. The system also enables you to share a download link to the PST files with any third party via email, all in one simple flow.

The advanced umbrella ediscovery searches across ALL email messages of ALL users to ensure that ALL the required data is captured in one quick operation.

“This new ediscovery and export capability improves the productivity of IT and compliance teams and ensures a timely and accurate response to compliance requests, thus avoiding compliance-related penalties for the organisation” Aditi Malaviya, Co-founder, Mithi Software Technologies.

Besides PST, Vaultastic can also support the export of data in the EML format, as required by some analytical tools. Learn more about how this works.

This article was first published on OpenPR.