Say hello to our new Mobile app!

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

Ideolve helps you un-complicate team collaboration and we hope with these new updates, your team is able to get more done.

Say hello to our new Mobile app!

Introducing the Ideolve mobile App, available on

Google Play Store
Apple App Store

The new Ideolve app is designed to augment your personal productivity and help you collaborate with your team while on the move.

You can capture ideas, information and media from your phone, into the Ideolve app, and all this stays safe by being automatically synced to your Ideolve account in the cloud.

Mobile notifications keep you updated on the relevant activity by your team members and also alert you to specific action required by you via the use of @mentions by your team members.

Oh, and our mobile app also lets you save your notes offline.

Easier onboarding of new users into a note

Onboarding a new member to collaborate on a note is much easier now. When you’re sharing a note, you simply need to add the email ID of the person, s/he will receive a notification with an invitation to join Ideolve.

Share note with team members using their email ids

After someone’s work on certain project/ task is complete, you also have the option to disassociate them her from the note by simply removing their name(s) from the list.

Disassociate members from the note

Switch between the workspaces easily

People who are part of more than one workspace or team will love this feature. Workspace are virtual containers of notes relevant to the context of the team’s work. E.g. my corporate workspace is Mithi, but I can make a separate workspace to work with an external team for digital marketing. This allows me to segregate the notes related to one project, context from another.

With this feature, you can now easily toggle between workspaces.

Switch between the workspaces

Copy to clipboard’ option is now available on each comment

Your boss just modified and shared social media content on a comment. Now you want to quickly copy it and use it for your social media campaigns. It can be a hassle to highlight the entire text in the note first before copying.

Does this situation sound familiar? This feature lets you copy the entire content with a single click.

copy to clipboard option on every comment

Stay tuned for the next week’s update!