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Secure, Durable email archiving SaaS, ready to support Information Governance, Data management, Compliance and EDiscovery use cases, backed by complete life cycle services and a flexible pricing model

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CEO/Head of Compliance

60% of companies that lose their data will shut down within 6 months of the disaster.


As a leader in your company, employing ways to safeguard your company’s critical information stored in email, including notifications, contacts, agreements, contract negotiations, commitments, issues, invoices, reports, etc., is essential to achieve your business continuity and compliance goals.

Vaultastic delivers a safe, durable, guaranteed email archiving service on the cloud to help securely preserve your organisations email data for extended periods of time. An advanced ediscovery and extraction system ensures compliance readiness at all times, for your organisation.


81% of organizations opt for SaaS to drive their workloads & gain from a 30% lower TCO, SLA backed guarantees, and a compelling ROI.

For you, reducing data related risks while ensuring the privacy and security of your email data is critical to optimizing costs incurred with delays/inability to meet compliance regulations.

Vaultastic preserves your email data in extremely durable, immutable tamper proof vaults with high data integrity, multi layered security, and provides advanced ediscovery and extraction tools to make your organisation stay ready for compliance, always. A flexible, friendly pricing model further optimizes costs.


94 percent of companies that experience severe data loss do not recover.

We understand that traditionally, most companies back up and store email on-premise. Besides the risk of corruption on these storage devices, and the complexities of managing ever-growing storage volumes, these companies are also challenged when they need to search or retrieve email data from these passive stores.

Vaultastic is an elastic cloud-native email data management solution offering 11 9’s of data durability, making email data safe and secure. Besides this, Vaultastic makes data more accessible with advanced ediscovery, export in popular formats and business continuity during primary system outages.


93% of successful data breaches occur in less than one minute. Yet, 80% of businesses take weeks to realize a breach occurred.

Your business is always at risk, with new threats, attacks, data leakage via email, and more. While you manage all this, you don't want to be worried about the safety and security of your business critical information.

A safe, secure and redundant backup is your best defence against the ever growing security threats. Vaultastic stores a copy of all your email, before it is delivered to the recipient, in a separate operational infrastructure and secures this at multiple levels, making the system hard to breach.

CDO/CAO/Head of Data Governance

IDC reveals that revenues will near $200 billion for firms that exploit data analytics.

As leaders of Data analytics and governance for your organisation, it is imperative for you to have total visibility to all the business communications and have access to tools to help you analyse, manage and govern this data.

Vaultastic's role-based access control can support your organization’s information governance and data management strategy by mimicking your organization’s hierarchical structure, defining user -level retention policies and supporting a differential authorized access policy to the accumulated email data.


By 2019, 75% of organizations will treat archived data as an active and "nearline" data source, and not simply as a separate repository to be viewed or searched periodically.

From an operations perspective, you are always looking at ways to optimize productivity and ensure an accurate and timely response to initiatives, requests and problems.

Vaultastic's self service portal can empower your users and department heads to leverage the accumulated email archive to discover useful information, find reusable information pieces and analyze patterns, which can lead to improved work flows in the organisation.


Small businesses may be especially vulnerable. A recent study suggests that with less margin for error, even short periods of downtime can drive a small organization out of business.

End user's lose time requesting IT to pull out an old mail and to recover their mailbox, with no guarantees of getting their data. They are worried about a bloating mailbox and loss of productivity while working with email.

Vaultastic provides access to users via an RBAC backed DIY portal, allowing the users to find and recover their own mail without having to resort to help from the IT teams. A hierarchical storage architecture enables the organization to achieve leaner mail servers & mailboxes on the devices, pushing up performance and improving productivity.

Multi layered Security and Industry compliance

Managing Risks and ensuring Compliance is critical to a Disruption free Business.

Vaultastic reduces your data security risk at multiple layers starting with the infrastructure, covering the resources, data storage, access protocols, applications layers and going right up to the network at the periphery. Each layer builds on the defense of the earlier layer, making the combined security even harder to breach.

Vaultastic is frequently reviewed for compliance to stringent security guidelines by third parties and confirms to guidelines laid down for CSA Star, "Well architected for AWS", HIPAA, IRDAI, GDPR, etc.

Wide support for Email Platforms

Vaultastic works cross-platform and has connectors to ingest email from a wide range of email solutions such as Microsoft Office 365, Amazon Work Mail, Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes, Zimbra, IBM notes, Google GSuite, Mail Enable, Mdaemon, Cpanel, and more.

In addition, Vaultastic also has connectors to notification platforms and CRM solutions such as SendGrid, AWS SES and SalesForce.

For data upload and extraction, Vaultastic supports popular email data exchange formats viz. PST, EML, and IMAP.

Guaranteed Reliability, Security, and Performance

Organizations want their data to be secure, and always available without the headaches associated with setting up a data management platform. Vaultastic frees your team for other business initiatives by delivering a solution needing zero hardware, maintenance or management.

An uptime guarantee of 99.9%+ and data durability of 11 9's with inbuilt disaster recovery, ensures your data is always online and safe.

Access to a self-service portal for all your users, enabling them to discover their own legacy email and recover it on demand, frees up your IT help desk and improves organizational productivity.

Multi-level Ediscovery

Data can give you a decisive advantage. Organizations are looking to empower their users to find and recover their own email and enable their department managers to supervise the email of their teams while being ready for regulation compliance.

In other words, organizations want more control over their email data.

Vaultastic supports role-based deep ediscovery, which means you can define a hierarchy of individual, department and organization level discovery rights. Frequently used searches can be saved to fire up queries with a single click.

Combined repository for Live and Legacy email

Organizations are seeking to integrate their live and legacy mail content into a central, single repository to improve data visibility and knowledge reuse.

Vaultastic makes it easier to deal with the evils of data fragmentation making it easy to aggregate and migrate data to the cloud.

Besides archiving live mail, Vaultastic provides easy DIY tools to help import/migrate legacy email data into the users' archive accounts, making it very easy for the user to rapidly locate any mail.

Live Archival and Easy Data in Easy Data Out

Vaultastic makes it easy to bring data into the archive store by simply switching on journaling within your primary email platform. Features like auto user creation and automatically expanding elastic storage makes provisioning fully automatic and easy.

Similarly, Vaultastic provides multiple easy options to extract data from the archives, allowing export in PST or EML formats or in bulk using the option of export to an S3 bucket in your AWS account. For large data sizes, you can even opt for the AWS snowball to facilitate physical data transfer.

Flexible friendly Pricing

Vaultastic's fixed + variable pricing plans help to simplify the purchase and mixing them up, depending on the role of the user, helps you optimize costs. All variable extra usage on migration, export etc., are billed to your account monthly in arrears. You pay only for what you need and consume. This is supported by the pay as you go model.

Life cycle support

Organizations are looking at vendors who can help them simplify and streamline their selection, purchase, onboarding and ongoing maintenance workloads.

To make things easy, Vaultastic automates several stages of a customer life cycle right from solution discovery, evaluation, purchase via marketplaces, onboarding, legacy data migration into the platform with DIY tools, ongoing use via self-service ediscovery and data extraction, maintenance and renewal.

Compelling ROI

Zero capex, management & maintenance combined with improved productivity from advanced ediscovery and self-service, a friendly flexible pricing model, with a 30% lower TCO over a comparable on-premise solution, protection from vendor lock-in via an easy data exit policy in Vaultastic all add up to deliver a compelling ROI.

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